Foreword by Ramon

The largest archive of exclusive Star Wars interviews worldwide

D ennis happened to be one of the first members of, the Dutchspeaking Star Wars community. In one of our first conversations I learned that he was solely responsible for many interviews with Star Wars cast and crewmembers, which is something he has been doing since 2005.

Needless to say, I’m happy that I got to know him when I did. His content, experiences and expertise combined with the foundation of paved the way for both national and international visitors to come and check out some of our exclusive Star Wars content. Furthermore, his work as a senior editor and interviewer was invaluable to the growth and flourishing our website. Last, but certainly not least, I gained a friend. Thank you, Dennis.

Shortly after we met in real life I proposed to display his interviews on the interwebs as a sister-website of Thus, was born: the largest archive of exclusive and self-conducted Star Wars interviews worldwide.

Nowadays our three websites, and are the #1 website in each of their respective fields. The largest Dutchspeaking Star Wars community, the largest archive of Star Wars interviews worldwide, and the largest fan community of The Mandalorian, respectively.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our content and would like to request you to join a Star Wars community of your choice (not necessarily one of ours) in a time where passion for Star Wars could use a united front more than ever.

Now go ahead and take a look at, or check out Dennis’ books at Amazon!


Founder and Leading Editor

Foreword by Dennis

Over 180 interviews and still counting

I n 1983 I was introduced to Star Wars. In that year (I had just turned 7) I saw some bits of the famous Sarlacc Pit scene from Return of the Jedi (which was just released) on television. Shortly after this I saw it at the cinema and became a fan for life. This was my first step into what Obi-Wan calls ‘a larger world’.

Over the years that followed I never lost interest and things got serious. I worked for various Star Wars websites and on two occasions as the personal assistant of my childhood hero: Anthony ‘C-3PO’ Daniels.

Another thing I started to do was to interview all the people involved with Star Wars: cast, crew, you name it. Many of these interviews were mentioned in the credits of various Star Wars books including ‘The Making of Return of the Jedi’, ‘Stormtroopers Beyond the Armor’, ‘Star Wars Icons: Han Solo’, ‘The Star Wars Archives’ and my own book series: ‘Star Wars Interviews’. is a collection of all the interviews I have done since 2005.

The site is about everyone involved with the Star Wars movies and spin offs. The cast, the crew…it’s a large online collection unique, self-conducted interviews. Nothing but stories from the people who worked on the biggest saga ever.

I hope you enjoy the site. May the interviews…I mean: ‘Force’ be with you,

Dennis Pellegrom

Interviewer, Author, and Senior Editor