Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau: “I would definitely be interested in doing a holiday special”

On November 17 it’ll be 41 years since the Star Wars Holiday Special was shown on American television.

Speaking with Variety Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau said some interesting things about a new version of this legendary show:

“Oh I would definitely be interested in doing a holiday special,” Favreau told Variety at “The Mandalorian” fan event. “And I’m not going to say who I would be interested in. But one of the people is the member of the cast in an upcoming episode of the show. So we’ll leave it at that for now.”

When pressed to see if he was serious, the director doubled down. “I’ve been thinking about it. It’s ready, the ideas are ready. I think it could be really fun. Not as part of this, but there’s an excitement around it because it was so fun and weird, and off and not connected to what ‘Star Wars’ was in the theater. ‘The Mandalorian’ cartoon, the Boba Fett cartoon, from the holiday special was definitely a point of inspiration for what we did in the show.”

A possible new Holiday Special in the future? Werner Herzog singing and an animated segment with Nick Nolte’s Kuiil? One can only dream.

The Mandalorian Trivia: in the first episode of the series the character Mytrol mentions Life Day, the Wookiee holiday.