Airdates of season one

The airdates of all of the episodes in The Mandalorian‘s first season have been revealed: we have confirmation that the season will conclude just before we head into 2020!

As we all know, the first episode of the series will be available on November 12 on Disney+. What most of us didn’t know is that the second episode will become available later that week, on Friday November 15. From that day onward, we will see one episode each week on every Friday up until December 13. Presumably because December 20 coincides with the release of The Rise of Skywalker in theatres, we’ll be able to watch the penultimate and seventh episode two days earlier; on December 18. And finally, the series finale will be available on December 27.

S1 Episodes/Airdates:

#101- November 12 (season premiere)
#102- November 15
#103- November 22
#104- November 29
#105- December 6
#106- December 13
#107- December 18
#108 – December 27 (season finale)

Let us know what you think: are you happy that we won’t have to wait until next year to watch the conclusion of the first season of the first-ever Star Wars live-action series? Some of us were expecting a mid-season break of several weeks with the new movie coming out in December. It’s going to be an amazing last few weeks of 2019 for Star Wars fans!