Wore my The Mandalorian Cosplay this Past Weekend

I flash built the sidearm using PVC, Foam and a chopstick. I wish I had a sign that said I am not Boba Fett......

I am going to start from scratch and build a new suit now that we have so many killer pics! -BP


  • Looking great man! I have lots of respect for all those cosplayers who make their own costumes. Do you wander around by yourself? And do you keep your helmet on all of the time? Because I can imagine your sight not being optimal, aside from it being hot in there as well!

  • Usually my Wife is with me to help but this weekend I was Solo. I was an invited guest so had a handler. I do keep the helmet on on the floor to keep in character. It is super hot but I installed a fan inside the helmet that helps. I can see a lot better in The Mando than I can my Mech Suit Batman.

    I also have this suit:

  • Cool outfit! You make a lot of bail jumpers!

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