[Official Trailer] The Mandalorian S1

So, what do we think of this trailer? You can read all about our thoughts in the trailer breakdown on the website:


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    Hey guys, although Lucasfilm showed us a brief trailer which was too brief (isn't it always...) it built on giving me extra confidence that this first live action Star Wars series is gonna blow us away with its first eight episodes.

    And why am I saying this?

    Cause from the footage I have seen thus far (e.g. Star Wars Celebration panel, interviews with lead Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau, Dave Felloni), the acting from Werner Herzog & Carl Weathers, the interview with the artists over at ILM (John Knoll, Doug Chiang) and ultimately the trailer itself I have a pretty solid idea of what the Mandalorian is heading towards.

    I especially liked the choice in music during the trailer. The visual effects were stunning (watched them in UHD through another channel) and the link with the Original Trilogy I, just as Jon Favreau with many of us, grew up on. Just looking at all those details embedded already makes you become aware that someone who loves Star Wars has written this story. And add up how numerous actors in the series have portrayed in other roles (Narcos, GoT, Predator, Rocky, What Dreams May Come, 48 hrs, Breaking Bad) I can't wait for Nov. 12th here in the Netherlands

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  • Well I'll be brief the trailer was spot on, great casting, high quailty dark grimm future with breath taking scenes, awesome scene flow selection followed by perfect music. Just really professionally done, the guys behind this have my respect. Keep it up, love it so far, thumbs up...

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